When you add a Referral Bounty, you will be able to post it to Referrals.com and Contrib.com Bounty Marketplace. Both networks are integrated in such a way that they could refer people to your Referral need and thus allows you to manage and approve those they have referred.

You will also have access to payment management that can allow you to pay the one who has won your Referral bounty.

1 Contrib network sees your referral bounty in the Referral bounty marketplace
2 Your Referral bounty will also be added to Referrals.com and your brand will also be signed up in Referrals.com
3 Contrib side – when they click refer, it opens up a form where they could input name and other details to send and invite the person they want via email with a custom message.
4 Contrib side- The person they referred will receive an email that will lead them to this special page in Contrib to signup.

Once they signup and followed the steps to apply to the specific brand, and you approve them in VNOC, thats when the referrer gets the cash bounty.