VNOC’s main core technology is being able to introduce interested contributors to your brands, thereby limiting endless middle apps, and middle men. Basically, shopping for talent is wonderfully easy.

Your own Contrib Network

When you add your brands in VNOC, you will now have an army of contributors for your brand. all you need to do is engage them within the VNOC platform.

Integrated Marketplaces

We understand that there are specific skills you need, that is why we have integrated skills marketplaces like, and

Multi Posting Services

Do you have accounts with Third Party job marketplaces like, GetAFreelancer or Fiverr? No problem, log your accounts and visit the Multi-Post to Jobs page. Post a Job, then multi-post to these other marketplaces using a simple page syndication.

Order eServices

Of course, not all people would like to contribute for equity, there are other highly qualified and skilled people who would do quality work for $25 and this is where our eServices come in. You could order any of the options and post it to qualified Contrib network. This means we have already pre-screened them and they know how eServices works. Post and then get the job done in a simple task interface.