Control your Brand

Controlling your brand is simple and efficient. All the details and tools you need are laid out for you within your control panel. From hosting access to social media accounts management.

Monetization Flexibility

Different brands require different monetization and business models. You could effectively run any monetization strategy that you would like and log it in VNOC to record the history of revenue for partners and team members.

Full Access and Permissions

All roles have different access and permission but domain owners, admin and venture leaders have the full access and permissions on all the features VNOC could offer. With this in mind, all brands have different access permissions per user as well. So Joe could have a Venture Leader role for but a Domain Owner role for


Your dashboard contain all quick stats for your network, your brands, your team in one full page.

Value Management

All brands are perceived to having a starting value. This value goes up once a domain is entered into VNOC. You could always manage the starting value at the domain or brand management page.

Equity Management

One key feature of VNOC is the integration with eShares. eShares is our flagship equity management app.

eShares is Contrib’s app to show transparency in the distribution of Equity Points within the Contrib/VNOC Model. It is one of the first equity apps to allow you to view contributions and their equivalent Equity Points within Contrib’s vast 20k brand portfolio.

Core Apps Integration

Integrated in VNOC are our venture’s core apps that have specific features and roles. Link to Core apps page

Team Tools

Add and invite members from different brands or from outside VNOC. Send updates on a regular basis through email or the team tools page via the Chatter feature.

Use our Sprint management to simply manage tasks while assigning number of hours to calculate Equity Points.


We have a set of proven frameworks that serves different goals and purpose. These frameworks allow you to gather leads and contacts, staffing, inquiries, offers, and relevant information depending on the vertical your brand is on. Our allows VNOC users to quickly create frameworks or integrate your own within VNOC. Thus giving you full and total control over your brands.