Referral programs helped a lot of businesses. To start it of here’s how:

  1. Go to domain details (sample domain
  2. Click the Apps Marketplace menu and look for Referral Program Beta app.
  3. Referral Program App: Add marketing group that will serve as a holder for all referral programs that will be added per domain.
    When you create a Marketing Group, you can set the incoming traffic page for the group. When an affiliate chooses a marketing item from this group (a banner, text link, etc) visitors will be routed to the defined incoming page set for that group.

    1. Marketing Group Form
    2. After hitting submit button a success message will appear.
  4. Banners – A banner is a typical image advertisement placed on a Website’s main content and is linked to incoming traffic page (website or signup form link)

    1. Add Banner: click Add Banner button
    2. Banners form
    3. Banners List
  5. Referral Programs – If you want to customize commission for each referral link,  for example, sign up leads and product sale, you need to add referral programs/products.

    1. Referral Program List – you can manage referral programs here.
    2. Add Referral Program

    3. Referral Program Form

    4. Referral Program List

    5. Leads tab

  6. Refer and Share – refer and share referral program links to social sites and earn.

    1. Share and Refer Links (
      – enter friends email and hit invite friends button

      – or share the link via social accounts
  7. Referral Login – login to your referral system account.

    1. Your Referral System Account

  8. Referral Leads – your referral leads

    1. Your leads