A special feature where you can send ESH to members of VNOC or new members.

  1. Go to https://manage.vnoc.com/domains/details/3884
  2. Click +Send Esh button.

    1. Send To – Choose to send to new members or existing members. If you choose to send to new members, a new login access will be created together with ESH tokens.
    2. Name – Autocomplete for existing members or add a new recipient/member.
    3. Create Eth Address – Choose YES if you want Contrib to create their ETH address, they will not have private keys but they can transfer their ESH to other wallets within the Crypto platform. Choose NO if you want to add their ETH wallet yourself.
    4. Eth Address – This will be the recipient wallet of the ESH tokens. Prefilled.
    5. Esh Amount – Add ESH amount here and it will be shown dynamically in the USD amount below.
    6. Pie Settings – Where are we getting this ESH from in the pie settings.
    7. Subject

    8. Message

    9. Submit – This process may take a while.