You can find the team tools under every brand management page. It consists of smaller functional utilities such as

a. chatter – this basically allows you to communicate to the team. You can send messages, pictures, links here and send them by email to any of the team members.This is basically your team chat simplified.

team tools


b. Members

The members functionality is simple, you could add or invite people in, assign people from vnoc to your specific team, you could also invite from Contrib network, those who have followed your brand.

You will also have functionality to send a personal message, send onboarding email, send partnership invite, send temporary password, send autoresponder messages and  see history. This will depend on your access.


c. Project Tool

This allows you to basically import rss feeds from your other task management tool.

d. Pages

Allows you to create static pages to share with your team.

e. Team Tasks

Team tasks allows you to manage your teams tasks. You could then go to your Sprint where you could effectively manage your tasks in an agile manner.

You could also post to Elance, Writeraccess or post an eservice order .


team tools team tasks

f. CrowdTask

This will allow you to manage crowd tasks for this specific brand.Learn more about crowd tasks here.


g. Jobs

team tools team tasks

h. Files

Share and manage files with your team via Gdrive or add a link.

teamtools-technology teamtools-files

i. Technology

Team can add your repo here.