STEP 1. Admin Email Notification:
An email will be sent to you when someone/somebody has applied with the given task.

STEP 2. To view orders , go to

STEP 3. If you wish to Approve users application, click Action button -> Applicants

STEP 4. Assigned name/person will show on orders list.

STEP 5. Status On Going, once applicant has clicked Start Now.

STEP 6. Status (no. of update/s). When applicant has sent an update.

STEP 7. Status for Verification, once applicant has finished the task

STEP 8. To verify and send CTB to applicant. Click Action button ->Updates -> Execute button

STEP 9. Executing…this may take a while.

STEP 10 . You’ll be redirected to

STEP 10 . Status Completed.